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In french the word « canon » means canon (music) and cannon (gun!), so… !
there you will find about eighty canons (catches) – that you can look at and download the music-scores in pdf. – in differents styles (from traditional to swing, from classical to modern…).
They have been composed by J-L Imianitoff for his pupils, for use in his workshops and singing sessions (training and knowledge of one’s own voice) – and for the pleasure – since more than 30 years…

F facile means easy,  M moyen – moderate,  D difficile – difficult,  N Nouveaux – new catches from 2015 to 2020.

I use canons as a teaching device :

To give my pupils confidence in their voices while listening to the others
To teach some features of singing practice (intervals, rhythms, styles…)
And also to hear and practise harmony in many kinds of chords in canons of 2, 3, or more voices.

And it’s good for the « Stimmung » !

Most canons are without words : If you ever find some, don’t hesitate ! Send them to me, I will appreciate it !

If you need the full scores with the diffferents voices of some canons, ask for them at artillac@free.fr. you can listen to them and have an idea of how they sound.
for that go to "description et extraits audio" then click on the number of the catch you want to listen to, in the last right column...

The scores are free and copyrightfree, but we would like the composer’s name and copyright to be mentionned

Enjoy the music!

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